• alarm templates for repetition as well as one-time alarms
  • alarm tone can be internal tones, ringtones, playlists, external music and music stream from the internet
  • optional display of weather forecast and sunrise/set times (using the free plugin downloadable from the shop)
  • disable and alarm or change the alarm time of template’s alarm
  • brightness, duration and sounds configurable, some sounds contained in the package
  • clean and easy-to-use user interface, optimized for use in a dark environment
  • optionally display a clock (see Bedside Clock).
  • optional text-to-speech reading of the actual time during the alarm
  • Dusk Simulation (helps you fall asleep)
  • Calendar Supervision Calendar entries can be used to set new, or disable existing alarms (this way you can manage the alarm list by the Calendar)
  • support for “Philips Hue” home light system
  • support for “FHEM” home automation system
  • …and many more…