How to create a debug log?

Of course, there are always errors or other effects that cannot always be explained directly. In these cases, it helps to have a debug log, a record of the “inner” calculations of the app and the communication with the wallbox and, if applicable, the PV system or the SmartMeter.


  • You start the logging via “Contact & Feedback” in the app.


Now you should reproduce the problem, clearly, so that the “faulty” function is recorded.

But also important: you should document (with time and/or screenshots) the behavior also “from the users view”


  • Using the familiar menu item “Contact& Feedback”, you can now send the log – either as an attachment to a mail or via your own Dropbox.
  • “As text” is a bad fallback as themail text is usually limited too much for the size of the log,
  • please attach the screenshots and your actions, and some comment on what the problem is (!). It’s hard to find a needle in a haystack unless you know where it should be and what it looks like.

Important: the log will be deleted the next day, so please do not wait until the next day in case of problems, otherwise the log will be empty.

Afterwards: if the feature (or bug fix) of the beta is in the release (that is, the version and the build number, visible at the top of the “Contact & Feedback” page, revoke the “beta” state again – beta is “experimental”.