I love my customers!

A customer complained about an alarm screen that stayed black, although the backlight of the display did light up. No picture, no color gradient. The Log was perfectly OK. I was not able to pin the problem.

He really invested a lot of his time to find the bug – and here is one of the fixes of 1.8.9, after he found a way to reproduce the problem.

Thank you very much! ūüėČ

Spring is here,

and the app installation numbers decrease every day due to the “natural” sun rising early anough.

Well, this is to be expected except that Australians, South Africans or South Americans do rarely use this app, they should start now ;))

1.8.7: repeated woes with the permission model

The permission model of the current Android version is more challenging than expected:

  • different error codes are returned on access error, so I need the help of users that¬†report “crashes” to fix the problems (actually, to tell the user to give the right)
  • While¬†some permissions require a standardized¬†permission¬†handling, others do need a different code… sigh. Google helps, but first one must get the idea something might be wrong with the standard way.

1.8.5 Improved Error Handling

This app has improved error handling, and I hope to reduce the number of problems (feedback) with non-given permissions for

  • reading external SD Card (Music)
  • creation of an overlay window (alarm screen).

I thought I made enough checks in the main and the settings screen, but no problem to add some more for safety.

Android M support improved

Well, the permission model of Android M is something to get used to, and I failed. So this version has several fixes due to this change in Android. See Version History.

The user-defined color curve for Hue helps using “old” and “new” strips, as the old ones – they are incapable of dimming very low – can be forced to switch on later. In addition, it allows nicer colors if you like. They are not easy to define, as I interpolate H and S values of the HSL color model in a linear way. But there are test buttons everywhere.

What’s cooking for 1.8.4

Well, finishing is just before starting… while I thought the Hue subject would be¬†closed, customer¬†requests and my own experiences causing me to make some additions:

  • Hue will be¬†WiFi location aware, meaning you can define different Hue constellations in different networks. This also suppresses the “bridge not found” warning when you’re in a different network and you start ‘Personal Sunrise’.
  • You can choose¬†to save some energy by suppressing the illumination on the device’s screen while the sequence is active in the Hue system. It will, however, light up at alarm time.
  • And I will be working on the ability to have multiple Hue configurations assignable to different alarm templates. Then you can have different sunrise colors for different days, or for different rooms to wakeup (i.e. not to wake up the partner on very early days, sleeping in a differnt room).