Calendar Supervision

To enable this feature you need to enter the calendars to be supervised.

Personal Sunrise‘ has two kinds of Calendar support:


Personal Sunrise‘ checks calendar events of the next days whether a comment field of a calendar entry contains “@Sunrise:” (♠).

If yes, it may take the following formats to have any effect:

  1. The text is “@Sunrise:- ” (not followed by a digit!)
    then alarms in the time/date span of that calendar item will be disabled
  2. The text is “@Sunrise:<relative time>”, with ‘relative time’ being expressed in hours and minutes:
    “@Sunrise:-2h30m” creates an alarm 2 1/2 hours before the calendar event.
  3. The text is “@Sunrise:<absolute time>”:
    “@Sunrise:06:30” creates an alarm at 6 Uhr 30.
Automatically (Intelligent Vacation Detection)

This option must be enabled separately. Whole-day (!) Calendar entries of the next days will be scanned for the word ‘vacation’.

If there’s one found, a notification will appear in the notification bar of Android asing you to either confirm this as vacation and disable alarms in that date span, or to ignore it.

Alarms created or suppressed by the Calendar Supervision are marked by “CAL!)” in the alarm list.


The keyword of the intelligent vacation detection can be configured, default is


for english users.

The following rules apply:

  • Multiple keywords are separated by  semicolon (“;”).
  • A keyword can have two forms:
    – a regular expression, if the keyword is enclosed in slashes (“/”)
    – plain text otherwise. Attention: spaces are important (“vacation ” and “vacation” are different!), the word is not case sensitive (“Vacation” will match “vacation” too).


“vacation /(?-i)Holidays?\b/”

does match a subject containing “vacation ” or “Vacation ” or “Holiday” or “Holidays”, but not “vacation” (no space) or “holidays” (“(?-i)” makes it case sensitive).

♠ without quotation marks!