What’s cooking for 1.8.4

Well, finishing is just before starting… while I thought the Hue subject would be¬†closed, customer¬†requests and my own experiences causing me to make some additions:

  • Hue will be¬†WiFi location aware, meaning you can define different Hue constellations in different networks. This also suppresses the “bridge not found” warning when you’re in a different network and you start ‘Personal Sunrise’.
  • You can choose¬†to save some energy by suppressing the illumination on the device’s screen while the sequence is active in the Hue system. It will, however, light up at alarm time.
  • And I will be working on the ability to have multiple Hue configurations assignable to different alarm templates. Then you can have different sunrise colors for different days, or for different rooms to wakeup (i.e. not to wake up the partner on very early days, sleeping in a differnt room).

1.7.3 golden rule: never change a running system

even if Google offers you the golden apple… there’s always a catch!

  • on devices with Android up to¬†4.2 the app icon was gone. Chose to use the “mipmap” instead of “drawable” as suggested by Google, and did not check version compatibility. Duh!
  • added intelligent Calendar supervision
  • 1.7.3a: Clock and Sleep Helper menus did not work any more
New feature: Intelligent Calendar supervision

The calendars selected for the Calendar automatics (using the”@Sunrise:” commands invented last week) are searched for all-day-items with “vacation” in the item’s text.

If¬†one is found, a notification offers to ignore that entry as irrelevant (by adding “@sunrise:ignore” command to its description) or to suppress alarms in that date range (not surprisingly using “@sunrise:-“).