Required Permissions

Logo2.1 “Personal Sunrise”

  • for an own photo as background for the alarm screen
  • access of sound and music files
  • to store the alarm sound file(s) locally
Device ID and Call Information
  • READ_PHONE_STATE: to be able to detect a call and to be passive in case of a call
  • READ_CALENDAR: to be able to scan the calendar for keywords and act accordingly if the option is set (like “@sunrise:-” to disable alarms etc)
  • WRITE_CALENDAR: to add “@sunrise:” commands in the event description, used by the optional “Intelligent Calendar Supervision”
  • INTERNET: used only to play music streams from the internet (other network accesses (like the weather forecast) need the plugin to be installed). And it is needed for the Hue Support.
  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to monitor WiFi connection (for Hue Support and music streaming)
  • CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: to switch WiFi on/off if needed or requested by option
  • they should be clear for an alarm app 😉

Logo2a “Personal Sunrise Plugin”

  • for convenience, so that you do not need to enter the coordinate manually that is needed for weather forecast and sunrise/-sunset times
  • INTERNET: for the weather forecast. Sends the location data (you can modify them manually if you like), and receives the forecast data

My promise

Personal Sunrise does neither collect nor send or misuse personal information, and makes minimal use of the rights given.