Version History

1.1.18 (2019-07-17):

  • the SoC query can also be used by eCar Charger Control

1.1.17 (2019-04-28):

  • when an error occurred, the notification icon did show 0%
  • multiple errors were reported after 15 errors, but it’s better to have a timeout of 10 minutes of consecutive errors until the alarm goes off

1.1.16 (2019-04-26):

  • display cruising range in monitoring items (important for models with 12 bars like ZE0)
  • added option to display cruising range instead of SOC at graph data points
  • accelerated query (login continues to be used)
  • date format recognition corrected at ZE0 (I don’t want to imagine what Nissan thought about offering everything double and triple with different spellings – every intern was allowed to play with the API)
  • probe timing made a bit shorter (4 min for quick, 6 minutes for normal charge)
  • added settings entries for configuration of the above
  • minor fixes (protocol item alignment and color, time display of next trigger)

1.1.15 (2019-04-19):

  • If too many timeouts occur with old models (< 40kWh), you can try to opt in to a workaround in the API settings. This could contribute to faster abort detection despite coarser SOC percentages (steps of about 8%).

1.1.14 (2019-04-17):

  • fixed possible crash when an error was notified after end of the supervision service

1.1.13 (2019-04-10):

  • support for simple API (no “vehicleInfoList”), assumed to be for ZE0

1.1.12 (2019-03-19):

  • automatic deletion of old values if monitoring is restarted after more than 6 hours – otherwise a dialog¬†asks you
  • improved layout for landscape orientation of the device


  • the MediaPlayer is a strange beast… it always finds a state to throw an exception and not to play an alarm


  • estimation time was wrong if the SOC value was higher that the “full” mark
  • some minor bugs found and killed