Oreo… Android P???

I have just adapted YACO code to Oreo (and with a lot of internal reorganization of a very inorganically grown code), I read about Android P, that there will probably be more restrictions for apps with “background” execution.

That means for me that maybe Kitty can’t be further developed because Google makes it too hard for me to maintain a free app for their every growing restrictions.

With YACO the ambition was first and I use it myself every day (ok, Kitty too.. sigh)!

Wait and see, but I find Google’s path questionable.



There are much more changes to Oreo than I thought. Now that I bought a PC with an Intel CPU I can run the emulator (Samsung was not able to supply Oreo on the S8 yet) I see all the problems appearing…

Well they become too restrictive for me – background processes may not start services, the overlay window may not be above all other windows including the decorations (notification bar, …) – these changes are bad for YACO as well as Personal Sunrise and Kitty. All apps with background service needs. If Google continues that way, some developers will stop developing fine versions, just because it is not possible any more, or it is a lot of hassle to support all different versions.

I will try, but I’m a bit pissed off at the moment.

So right now, PERSONAL SUNRISE is not really compatible to Oreo. I am working on it, and I am looking for beta testers.

YACO 1.3 with GPS items

When I returned from vacation, I wanted to see the path of the plane and use MAPS, but also wanted to see the speed and height. MAPS does not show any GPS data -OSM would do, but I had not all maps available on my device. Thus I added some GPS items:

  • count of satellites
  • speed
  • height
  • climb/sink rate

These items are located in a new line, which disappears if GPS is not deactivated, not using any device resources, until GPS is activated again.

YACO 1.2.2

Found some way to find out the information about the power supply (high/normal load) which would be important information, and I added the code, yet the S5 seems not to support it, at least with CyanogenMod. S4 does not even with Lineage OS 14.1.

In that context, I added some more information to the battery state like blinking on error/low state.