YACO 1.1.4 to 1.1.5a

This was kind of evolutionary work of Bill (testing on several devices) and me, sorry about two intermediate updates, of which one was necessary due to hiccups in the Developer Store’s beta version system.

I hope the YACO work is now finished, and I can get back to Personal Sunrise (a lot of people uninstalling, which is kind of disappointing, but nobody cares to tell a developer the reason… I wish Google would have added a dialog at uninstallation time where a customer can enter something for feedback).

… until the next ideas pop up …

FHEM Plugin 1.5

Several changes in the FHEM module:

  • name changes of variable or function was not remembered
  • on some installations,(at least on one), a connection was not possible (GA protocol bytes) – this did not matter here… Whatever is different.
  • the app could “hang” if the connection was not successful
  • added SSID “filter” so that it only works in the own Wifi network

Special thanks to Hendrik, who even gave me Wireshark protocols which led me into the right direction…! Wouldn’t have found it without him (and his patience of testing and testing and…)

Embarassing errors ;|

One error – should not happen – was caused by the new surface and a change of the checkbox control. The days in the templates were not selectable any more. Thank you David for that report! Most people just remove the app. Is it too cheap so that people do not care to report errors and wishes?

The other one was a very tiny bug – the hours of the clock were painted wrong for about 1 second at the full hour due to a bug in the animation calculation. Thanks, Sven.

1.9.1 goes live

  • Support for Hue Scenes (can be started at the alarm time, or when the alarm finishes)
  • Support for Hue Ambience Bulbs (modifies brightness and color temperature warm/cold white). Thank you, Matthias.
    Unfortunately, as I expected, they start with a minimum brightness which does not qualify them next to the bed in direct sight.
    So far, the light strip version 2 is the only one that really dims down…
  • Support for Hue Dimmable Bulbs (bulbs with just dimmable brightness. Comment to minimum brightness applies too).
  • Support for Hue On/Off Lamps/Switches
  • A utility page to delete Hue scenes, lights or groups (missing from the Hue app)
  • Configuration activity correctly saves and restores Hue states before/after configuration
  • and limits changes done in the Hue configuration to only selected ones (no cries from the daughter any more “my light has gone out again!”)
  • playlist support: optionally randomized list order. Thank you, Nicolás
  • FHEM implemented in a plugin
  • Use AppCompat activities now (internal: this allows me to use more sophisticated user interface features if I need them), also more material design