Charging Monitor for Nissan eCars, Remote A/C Control

Monitors the charging process of the Nissan car via the Internet and informs in the event of an error (and when the desired battery level is reached).

It has happened to me a few times that the load was simply interrupted by the charger. And then it’s very important to be informed when something like this happens, because coming back to the empty car after a few hours isn’t so much fun.

In addition – as you can see below – there are a few details about the charging process, such as charging power and estimated charging time.

A lot of new features have been added like permanent supervision, PV supervision, climate control with scvhedules, temperature monitoring, … check it out!

One word of caution: querying the car often (I do that every 15 minutes) drains the battery and it might stop working if it is not charged. I have not found out how long the car can stand without charging or driving for the battery to be too low to start the car – but it’s definitely a problem if you drive too little. The 12 V battery seems to be charged just when driving and charging!

After charging has started, you start monitoring using the app, which periodically monitors the charge status and displays it graphically:


If the desired target charge quantity is reached – as a percentage of the available battery capacity – or an error occurs, the app sounds an alarm.

When the charging process is finished, the monitoring is automatically switched off, if you like.

Update: there are a lot of new options and modes (permanent periodic query, …) – check it out. A Charging Time table gives you some estimation before charging, the app can send the data to an MQTT broker, inform you about events by Text-to-Speech, start or stop climate control and so on. Explore the app, and look at the version history for changes.

Compatible with NISSAN Leaf ZE0, ZE1 and e+. The NISSAN e-NV200 is most likely also supported, I would be grateful for feedback here as well.

Requires NO ODB-II dongle.

MQTT: while the supervision is active (usually permanent of PV mode) the values are also sent to a MQTT broker if one is set up. Also, there are some commands to trigger some actions:

publish car/<VIN>/cmd/Battery triggerQuery

-> Abfrage des SoC (und der Klimaanlage)

publish car/<VIN>/cmd/ClimateControl triggerQuery

-> Abfrage der Klimaanlage

publish car/<VIN>/cmd/ClimateControl on

-> Einschalten der Klimaanlage

publish car/<VIN>/cmd/ClimateControl off

-> Ausschalten der Klimaanlage

(replace "<VIN>" with the one of your car)

Yes, this app costs money – but there is also a lot of work involved. I’ll pay the money back even after a few days if the app doesn’t meet your expectations.

Version History:

Version History

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Charging Supervisor for Nissan Electric Cars