Kitty (Kitchen Timer)

Egg timer? Reminder alarm? Alarm for a healthy short sleep after dinner? Cooking Timer? Or all of these?

Originally, “Multi Timer” was planned as simple kitchen timer (originally “KITchen TImer”, thus “Kitty”), but as it grew up, it became a universal timer app.

(The reasons of the rights that “Multi Timer” needs are given at the end of this description)

Do you want to:

  • be able to run multiple timers concurrently, clearly arranged?
  • be able to start timers with only one touch (from the homescreen, even the dock for immediate access)? Stop them without touching the surface?
  • manage pre-configured timers with own icons and sounds?
  • have optimal use of different layouts of Smartphone and Tablet?
  • see the remaining time of the next timer in the notification tray?
  • have timer actions being read out aloud?
  • … and other nice-to-haves

My main point was: simple and fast handling, and ease of use.