2.6.19 (2020-09-28) [not yet released]

  • Added some more items in the go-eCharger page.

2.6.18 (2020-09-26)

  • You can set the maximum charging power, in case you want/need a lower one than set in the wallbox.
  • You can choose which charging power values should be available for your choice
  • Reduced the amount of entries in the choice list of the energy to charge
  • go-eCharger has an own menu entry in which you can see several informative items, as well as see and set the current cable lock mode.

2.6.16c (2020-09-16)

  • Simple EVSE Added link to the forum with a how-to
  • Fixed crash in Android 6 behoben (bug in Codeverifikation definitions)
  • Made tables scrollable for small smartphones
  • Screensaver: different output of the current for more than one phase

2.6.16 (2020-08-31)

  • added Simple EVSE Wifi in “Always Active” Modus

2.6.15 (2020-08-28)

  • The smoothing for the switch-on current was a bit too aggressive sometimes.

2.6.14a-c (2020-08-24)

  • added option to show the source IP of the selected grid device, somes handy if you have multiple that you switch (manually…) due to the orientation of the PV panels (morning/afternoon with a roof orientated S-N).
  • automation for Tasker or Automate It or such apps
  • reduced frequency of MODBUS polls, due to a bug there were far too many

2.6.14 (2020-07-31)

  • Solar Log (Modbus) Support
  • Nedap PowerRouter Support
  • better detection of phase count and go-eCharger (who has non-null phase values if not charging)

2.6.9 (2020-04-16)

  • reduced amount of queries to the grid meter/grid controller, which was (unintentional) too high
  • Ladestrom wird auch in dem Chart dargestellt, wenn die Ladung nicht durch die App durchgeführt wird (zum Monitoring)

2.6.9 (2020-04-16)

  • reduced amount of queries to the grid meter/grid controller, which was (unintentional) too high
  • Charging power is being displayed in the chart even if the charging process is controlled by another controller (monitoring)

2.6.8c (2020-04-10)

  • fixed some problems in beta versions
  • fixed internal duplicate data, some – for unknown reasons – not updated, and thus the apps got unreliable data

2.6.5 (2020-03-05)

  • Grid: added Energy Meter EM300LR and Wallbe eco 2
  • Grid: added Inverter Kostal Pico/Plenticore
  • fixed “out of memory” issue
  • fixed “generic JSON” config problem

2.4.0 (2020-01-22)

  • notification was only updated on status change
  • added charge start timer

2.3.2-3 (2019-12-22)

  • Totally wrong notification corrected
  • Could not send log file (wrong entry in manifest)
  • Have a nice christmas (or vacation or… whatever you do the next days)!

2.3.1 (2019-12-21)

  • Remaining charge time was not displayed correctly unless the charging was activated

2.0.11 (2019-07-29)

  • first English release