Version History


  • music can now be added (and without crashes AFAIK ;)) to the sound repository


  • copied to Beta store so that beta testers also get this version


  • launcher shortcut timers did not show the dialog any more. Now they do, in addition they update the “remaining time” text. And they should be created as “pinned shortcut” on Oreo – cannot test that as my S8 is not yet on Oreo, and the AMD CPU of my PC is not supported for emulation.
  • some internal modifications preparing for Android 8 changes in the Media API
  • fixed a crash, conditions not reproducable


  • timer signal and TTS voice are now using the MUSIC channel, which does not send the stream to all connected devices (bad when you have the headphones on, and everyone around hears the alarm too! – embarassing when you’re in the bus ;))
  • the volume is not maximized any more but uses the current volume of the MUSIC sound channel
  • causes other app’s sounds (music!) to duck while an alarm is playing or a text is spoken
  • all menus and property pages are re-layouted and improved
  • new, consistent icons from an icon set from Material Icons
  • you can add icons to your Kitty Icon Repository from Launcher icon packs if you have some installed! Comes very handy!!! Recommended is something like ‘Glasklart’ because it’s partial transparent, giving the icon a very consistent, nice appearance. I can presend suggestions from you, the user, here on a separate page if you write your favorite Icon Packs
  • the shortest active timer is displayed on the always-on-display (Samsung), just as it is on the notification bar
  • uses much better color picker for the background
  • the dialog allowing to change the remaining time of a timer now displays the resulting remaining time (suggested by a user, very good idea!)
  • … and a myriad of small improvements