progress info: finished features for version 1.9…

  • FHEM implemented in the plugin
  • Support for Hue Ambience Bulbs (brightness and color temperature warm/cold white). Thank you, Matthias.
    Unfortunately, as I expected, they start with a minimum brightness which does not qualify them next to the bed in direct sight.
    So far, the light strip version 2 is the only one that really dims down…
  • Support for Hue Dimmable Bulbs (just brightness. Comment to minimum brightness applies too).
  • Support for Hue On/Off Lamps/Switches
  • Configuration activity correctly saves and restores Hue states before/after configuration
  • and limits changes done in the Hue configuration to only selected ones (no cries from the daughter any more “my light has gone out again!”)
  • playlist support: optionally randomized list order. Thank you, Nicolás

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