Upcoming Version 1.9

it will take some time, but it has some new features:

  • one step forward, one backward: FHEM support is moved into a plugin, so all of you numerous FHEM users (is there at least one? ;)) must reconfigure. Sorry.
  • Reason: all the different light systems (except Hue) are moved into different plugins. For example I plan to support cheap Chinese Bluetooth lamps (if it makes sense, that is – they might not be dimmable good enough) and for Bluetooth access an Android app (>= Android 6) needs location (yes!) permission, and nobody would understand why an alarm clock requests location rights. And there are even more light systems waiting to be supported!
  • Hue: support of “Ambience” bulbs
  • playlist support: optionally randomized list order
  • options to reduce details of bedside clock display

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