1.8.2 WiFi management rewritten, and Cover issues fixed

Unfortunately, the wakeup cycle was not played when the cover was closed – a problem of Android, which did not leave the alarm screen active in that case. But it nevertheless needed a fix. My daughter complained because she sometimes closed the device in the night, and the alarm sound did not play.

  • plays sound on closed cover
  • plays hue cycle on closed cover (yes, here’s the advantage of the extra light system!)

In addition, I re-wrote the part that checks whether WiFi is OFF and needs to be switched on

  • as Hue, Weather Forecast, and a Music Stream need a connection, or
  • one of the WiFi options is set in the app’s settings.

Thus the “Alarm time” in the system (>= Android 5) is one minute even before the sequence start time. Might be a bit confusing, but I cannot do anything about it. To make the Wifi management easier, the CHANGE_WIFI_STATE permission is now requested.

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