1.8.2 WiFi management rewritten, and Cover issues fixed


Unfortunately, the wakeup cycle was not played when the cover was closed Рa problem of Android, which did not leave the alarm screen active in that case. But it nevertheless needed a fix. My daughter complained because she sometimes closed the device in the night, and the alarm sound did not play.

  • plays sound on closed cover
  • plays hue cycle on closed cover (yes, here’s the advantage of the extra light system!)

In addition, I re-wrote the part that checks whether WiFi is OFF and needs to be switched on

  • as Hue, Weather Forecast, and a Music Stream need a connection, or
  • one of the WiFi options is set in the app’s settings.

Thus the “Alarm time” in the system (>= Android 5) is one minute even before the sequence start time. Might be a bit confusing, but I cannot do anything about it. To make the Wifi management easier, the CHANGE_WIFI_STATE permission is now requested.

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