1.7.3 golden rule: never change a running system

even if Google offers you the golden apple… there’s always a catch!

  • on devices with Android up to 4.2 the app icon was gone. Chose to use the “mipmap” instead of “drawable” as suggested by Google, and did not check version compatibility. Duh!
  • added intelligent Calendar supervision
  • 1.7.3a: Clock and Sleep Helper menus did not work any more
New feature: Intelligent Calendar supervision

The calendars selected for the Calendar automatics (using the”@Sunrise:” commands invented last week) are searched for all-day-items with “vacation” in the item’s text.

If one is found, a notification offers to ignore that entry as irrelevant (by adding “@sunrise:ignore” command to its description) or to suppress alarms in that date range (not surprisingly using “@sunrise:-“).

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