Version 1.6.3: New feature “Respect Calendar Entries” (Standard Version)

With the help of calendar entries, you can modify the alarm list. In order to accomplish this, the description field of the calendar items of the next 7 days is examined.

  • By adding a text ‘@Sunrise: <parameters>‘ to the calendar entry’s description, the entry is used as single alarm entry in Personal Sunrise.

<parameters> is a time difference like ‘-1h 30m’ to add/subtract the start time of the alarm from the calendar event’s start time, or an absolute time like ’08:30′ (attention: 24-hour-format, if you need your sunrise past noon ;)).

Remember to remove the reminder if it would be in the range of the dawn simulation! Otherwise it would be counter-productive…

By adding such an alarm, all alarms from templates of the same day will be automatically disabled.

  • By adding ‘@Sunrise:-, all template alarms in the date/time range of the calendar entry are disabled. So for vacation, you can be pro-active and enter that text for your vacation entry in the calendar.

It is always possible to manually re-enable or disable alarms that are created or modified by the calendar.

Special thanks to a customer for that suggestion!

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